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Let me partner with you in telling the story of your unique personal brand.

Welcome to Personal Branding with Joelle Cecilia.

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"I loved how easy it was to work with Joelle. What I enjoyed most was the clear direction given and also the seamless flow of the shoot that made the whole process very lighthearted and effortless. Joelle definitely knew what angles and poses worked well for me! Really pleased that the final shots turned out so gorgeous, and I finally have my hands on some professional profile photos!"

— Michelle

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When you choose me, you're not just hiring a photographer;

you're gaining a partner dedicated to telling your story visually. I’ll work closely with you to bring your brand to life, from carefully selecting locations and styles that resonate with your vision to creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere during the shoot.

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How it works:

Step 1: A getting-to-know-you call

We'll have a chat over video call about your background, your current state of mind and what you're working towards. In turn, you'll get to know me and how I approach photography.

We'll establish rapport, figure out a timeline that works for the both of us, and begin visualising how your session will go and what your photos will look like.

Step 2: Vision alignment

I'll send you a moodboard to give you a concrete overview of what I'm envisioning for your session. This will be an intersection of your vision for your photos and what I can deliver.

You'll look it over, confirming if I've accurately translated what we talked about during our call into visuals.

Being able to visualise what the final results might look like will help you feel more confident during the shoot!

Step 3: Outfits, Styling and Props

I will give you some keywords and clothing suggestions based on our shared vision for the shoot.

You’ll look through your wardrobe to find pieces or outfits that match and send photos to me. I’ll advise you on putting 2-3 outfits together and on any additional pieces you might need to purchase.

If there are tools that are relevant to your business or practice, we can also discuss using them during the shoot as props.

I generally prefer to pull from your existing wardrobe. I believe what makes you feel comfortable makes you feel confident and that confidence will radiate in your images!

Step 4: Location and Logistics

By default, your shoot will take place in a studio.

I might propose an outdoor location or a location specific to you (e.g Studio, Home, Office) if it is relevant to the shoot.

Due to the varying costs associated with different locations (e.g Rental, Transport) there might be additional fees involved. I will confirm any additional fees with you before proceeding.

Step 5: The Shoot

I’ll send a checklist of the things you need to bring/prepare for the shoot, as well as anything to take note of while you make your way to the location.

Meet me at the location and we'll create your dream images!

Step 6: Sneak Peeks

I know how thrilling it is to see your photos, and I'm happy to tell you that previews will be available just 2-3 days after our session.

You'll receive a private gallery link along with the password to access it. This link will give you an exclusive look at your images in a secure and easy-to-use digital platform.

Step 7: Receive your gallery of photos

Receive 50+ Hi-Res Photos within 2 weeks in a private, password-protected online gallery.

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Feeling a bit camera-shy? No worries!

I specialise in creating a comfortable and fun environment, allowing you to relax and be yourself. It's all about capturing the real you in these stunning, organic images.

But don't just take my word for it. Here's what some of my past clients have had to say:


"Joelle 's not just meticulous; she brings a warmth and helpfulness to the shoot that's truly refreshing. With her at the helm, I found myself relaxing more than I thought possible, and the photos feel like a true reflection of me, capturing my personality in the most authentic way imaginable."

Samantha Leo


"Working with Joelle for my coaching website was an absolute pleasure! Her professionalism and gentle nature made the entire process seamless. Not only did she make me feel completely at ease during the shoot, but her unique perspective truly elevated the photos beyond simple portraits. Thank you, Joelle, for capturing more than just my image – you captured my essence!"

Madeline Liew

20230927 Michelle BaoGaLiao Previews-6.jpeg

"I loved how easy it was to work with Joelle. She laid the groundwork by coming to my workspace beforehand to get a good sense of the lighting and environment. What I enjoyed most was the clear direction given and also the seamless flow of the shoot that made the whole process very lighthearted and effortless. Really pleased that the final shots turned out so gorgeous!"

Michelle Chan

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About Me

Hi! I’m Joelle, an editorial and wedding photographer based in Singapore.

My philosophy is for everything I create to feel like memories. Coming from a background in fashion and media communications, I bring my passion for my craft and my attention to detail to every single one of my sessions.

I work with brands to showcase their offerings as part of their customers' daily lives through organic, relatable images.

With couples, I create timeless memories of their moments together by providing a dedicated and comfortable experience that produces clean and organic images filled with emotion. The couples I serve come away with a set of photos that they can look back on fondly for years to come.

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I've had the privilege of helping entrepreneurs craft their personal brand, and it's been an absolute joy to see their businesses soar. Together, we'll elevate your personal brand to new heights with personal branding photography that captures not only your outer beauty but also the essence of your soul.

Let's chat and make some magic happen!

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