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Beach Resort Escape: 2021's March Creative Shoot

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Third month into 2021 and we're going stronger than ever!

This has got to be the biggest creative shoot I've ever done, and it was a rollercoaster. This shoot had a failed recce, last-minute team changes, and lots of running behind schedule. But I learnt a lot, and I can't wait to share more about it!

My lovely models this time are Stella and Esther, close friends in real life and both actresses, as well. I'd worked with Stella back when I was a total newbie photographer, and she introduced me to Esther. I reached out to them months back with an idea to shoot them together but it all fell through thanks to the pandemic. The stars aligned this time!

I worked with a brand new hair and makeup artist as well, Shing, and she turned out to be such a lifesaver - we're definitely planning on working together more in the future! Her producing background and can-do attitude definitely freed me up to focus on shooting the story instead of having to manage to the last detail.

I initially invited another videographer to shoot a fashion film alongside my images, but he fell sick on the day of. Luckily, my boyfriend Jon happened to be available and stepped in as videographer/emotional support. Watch his video here.

Our wonderful wardrobe partner this month is The WYLD Shop, a local multi-label boutique that embodies the carefree and bohemian aesthetic I wanted for this shoot. I reached out and they said yes! It was a joy to pick out some of their newest arrivals, the staff are all so laid-back and easygoing.

With this shoot, I wanted to tell the story of two women taking a day by the beach to escape the mundanity of their daily lives and to reconnect with themselves and each other. I chose to shoot during the late afternoon to catch some of that direct sunlight, and later on into the sunset and the following blue hour as well.

I have a huge concept planned for next month - fingers crossed I'll be able to pull it off!


Models: Stella T. and Esther L.

Photography: Joelle Cecilia Quek

Videography: Jon Tan

Hair and Makeup: Shing

Wardrobe partner: The WYLD Shop

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