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GONE | A shoot inspired by Rosé's music video & concept photography for "Gone".

Did a lot of experimentation for this shoot, and so this series turned out super different from my usual style... It took me a little while longer to come around to putting this out into the world - maybe i've spent too long staring at them on my computer!

The story for this shoot deviates from the music video a little in the sense where we have our heartbroken girl, but also her tough as nails best friend who's ready to pick her up and show her her worth 💕 This theme resonated with all of us on our all-woman set as it's something we've all been through and we've all definitely needed that friend at least once in our lives. 🤍

Playing with colour gels for the first time, going super conceptual, having the easygoing Karen to help bring my ideas to life and the dream team Brenda and Shing for support was 💯.

These concept shots were really a lot of experimentation on all our parts, and I'm pretty happy with how these turned out. I love the contrast between the delicate flower and pearls with the chains and her gaze! 🌸⛓

Putting this shoot together was a mad rush due to the changing coronavirus measures and restrictions, and the concept changed as our plans did - we ended up having two models and tweaking our storyline - but I think it helped us to make this shoot our own.

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