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Digital Creator, Joelle Cecilia (@therealquirkyteal)

THEREALQUIRKYTEAL is my personal online brand with an audience comprising women and men aged 18-44 years old, from Singapore, Malaysia, United States, Indonesia, and Philippines.

My partnerships have ranged from designing exclusive collections, to fashion and product styling.

As a photographer and photojournalist, I use my background in fashion and media, combined with my innate social media savvy, to showcase brands in my own style through self-portrait photography.

Aside from self-portrait photography, I also produce lifestyle product photography.

See selected work below.

Email me at joelle[at]
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Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader reached out to me with an invitation to become one of their influencer ambassadors.

Monica Vinader is a British jewellery brand that celebrates individuality. Opening up a new category between fashion and fine jewellery; MV is for everyone.

MV Insiders

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Seek Sophie

Seek Sophie is a travel company that is focused on connecting travellers to unique experiences and incredible small local businesses.

Creators Community

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Love By The Moon

Love By The Moon reached out to me for social media content creation featuring two of their jewellery pieces.

LOVE BY THE MOON is an independent label that tells stories with gemstone jewelry since 2018. Stories of wildest dreams, magical moon and wishing stars. 

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Porcelain Skincare

Porcelain Skincare selected me to represent them in a campaign for their new product, RevitalEyes Concentrate.

Porcelain is a cult-premium skincare brand with the vision to marry craftsmanship and technology to create the future of skincare. Porcelain aims to be a lifelong beauty partner that journeys with every individual through the evolution of their skin.

RevitalEyes Concentrate

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